2014 Lenten Leaders Series

Lenten Leaders Series

Week 1: Leading in Conflict
As followers of Christ, we too will be led into the desert at times. The desert will present us with a variety of challenges, and most certainly an environment of conflict. It is in this environment of conflict that we can choose to lead like Jesus.

Week 2: Leading with Humility
In the various leadership curriculum's offered by Catholic Leadership Institute, we begin with understanding who we are and cultivating the Leadership of Self. We acknowledge that it all starts with Jesus. In our Model of Alignment, we are focused on Jesus, not ourselves. Our success in leadership starts with our relationship with Jesus.

Week 3: Vision
In Catholic Leadership Institute's leadership formation programs, participants get clarity around their purpose, both personal and role-related, through a statement developed from a three-part formula.  We follow the advice of the prophet Habakkuk and "write down the vision" (Habakkuk 2:2).

Week 4: Speaking with Authority
As Catholic leaders living in a very secular world today, it can be difficult to speak with authority about our beliefs, but as modern disciples of Jesus, we must find the courage and conviction to do it.

Week 5: Patience & Dedication
In order to faithfully accomplish what is important, we need to be prepared to say "no" to what is a distraction, to what is less important, and to what might tempt us as a "necessary" comfort. And to be patient with ourselves when we lose our focus, without losing our way completely.

Week 6: Supportive Network
I am sure you would agree that being a leader of a parish community, apostolate, or ministry can be overwhelming at times. The daily challenges and opportunities we face often wear on us and we need individuals who can focus and inspire us, when hard work and prayers are not enough.

Week 7: Who do you serve?
How many times in our leadership roles do we lose sight of who we are serving? We get caught up in our day to day activities and forget how the small tasks we complete contribute to a larger purpose.