Catholic Leadership Annual Fund

The Catholic Leadership Annual Fund provides the flexibility and versatility that Catholic Leadership Institute needs in order to serve wherever they are called. These funds are especially critical because it enables Catholic Leadership Institute to direct funding to where the organization's greatest needs are; whether that be launching a new program or helping a diocese fund one of our leadership formation programs.

What are some examples of how Catholic Leadership Institute uses unrestricted funding?

  • To support the development and launch of new leadership formation programs such as the seminary formation program
  • To support mission dioceses to provide Good Leaders, Good Shepherds to their priests
  • To support dioceses to provide Graduate and Diocesan Services to their clergy and lay leaders
  • To develop a new analytics tool to help pastors more effectively assess and serve their faith communities
  • And so much more!

These funds are essential to moving our mission forward and allow Catholic Leadership Institute to serve the Catholic Church. Supporters of the Catholic Leadership Annual Fund also have the opportunity to become members of the Fr. Chuck Pfeffer Society.