Fraternal Forum

As part of Graduate & Diocesan Services, Fraternal Forum is designed for Good Leaders, Good Shepherds alumni to provide a forum of professional, pastoral, and interpersonal support. Focusing on ministry, relationships, and health, Fraternal Forum consists of four live sessions over 14 months plus online learning opportunities.

Through Fraternal Forum, priests will experience:

  • Strengthened application of Good Leaders, Good Shepherds content in daily parish life.
  • Deliberate attention to opportunities and challenges in ministry, relationships, and health.
  • Support in creating a Pastoral Leadership Plan.
  • Continued fraternal support and presbyteral unity.
  • Strengthened relationships with key leaders and staff through intentional conversations with a shared language and culture of leadership in context.

Curriculum Detail

Fraternal Forum is a blended learning curriculum in which priests will experience an integration of four types of learning:

  • Online self-paced learning
  • Four in-person forum sessions
  • Leadership applications with staff members to reinforce a culture of Catholic leadership
  • Individual coaching

Each session includes a morning of leadership skill-building, followed by an afternoon “forum” in which priests share their leadership challenges and offer wisdom and counsel to one another.

The skill-building covered in Fraternal Forum includes:

Session 1

Articulate SMART Goals

  • Assess and revise your ministerial goals
  • Consider goals of staff member
Session 2

Create a Healthy and Holy Parish

  • Evaluate the Four Disciplines in your parish
  • Determine how you can strengthen the Four Disciplines in your parish
Session 3

Sponsor High Impact Teams

  • Deepen your understanding of the sponsor’s ongoing role
Session 4

Over-Communicate Clarity

  • Create a plan to describe the 14-month process to your parish
  • Determine how social media can support you in over-communicating clarity