Graduate & Diocesan Services

Graduate & Diocesan Services support the ongoing application of best leadership practices, continued formation in leadership skills, and fraternal support begun in Good Leaders, Good Shepherds.

Through an integration of three components—Fraternal Forum, Tending the Talents, and Coaching—Graduate & Diocesan Services fosters a shared culture of leadership within parish and diocesan communities. As bishops, priests, deacons, and parish and diocesan leaders are united by a mutually shared vision—and are working out of a common framework for leadership—we believe the Kingdom of God will be experienced more vibrantly and fruitfully.

To learn more about each component of Graduate & Diocesan Services, click the links below.

  • Fraternal Forum offers the priest graduate from Good Leaders, Good Shepherds further leadership learning and support
  • Tending the Talents offers parish and diocesan leaders an opportunity to be formed in the same leadership practices taught in Good Leaders, Good Shepherds.
  • Coaching provides Fraternal Forum participants with individual mentoring by an experienced Catholic Leadership Consultant.