Lenten Leaders Series: Leading in Conflict

Week 1: Ash Wednesday

"At that time Jesus was led by the Spirit into the desert to be tempted by the devil. He fasted for forty days and forty nights, and afterwards he was hungry. The tempter approached..." Matthew 4:1-3

As followers of Christ, we too will be led into the desert at times. The desert will present us with a variety of challenges, and most certainly an environment of conflict. It is in this environment of conflict that we can choose to lead like Jesus.

At Catholic Leadership Institute, we believe that leadership occurs through three types of environments--conflict, competition, or achievement.  Especially in times of conflict, it will be our behavior, our witness, which really shows what we believe and how we follow Jesus. Do we embrace defensiveness or do we allow ourselves to be vulnerable in search of truth? Likewise, are we territorial in our ministry or do we embrace the true ancient Greek meaning of the word "competition" -- "to strive together?" Do we leverage the very best of what each of us as individuals bring to support the call of the new evangelization? In our successes, how do we remind ourselves and others that the achievement is ultimately the fruit of the Spirit working through us?

Leadership Definition:  the act or process of arousing, engaging, and satisfying the needs and motives of followers in an environment of conflict, competition, or achievement, which results in followers taking action toward a mutually shared vision.

Leadership Tips:

  1. Identify the situation in which you are being called to lead - conflict, competition or achievement.
  2. Pray about how God can utilize your unique gifts & talents to lead followers in the identified situation.
  3. Engage in healthy conflict. Get all the facts. Clarify your needs and the needs of the others who are involved. Look for common ground. Determine a mutually shared outcome.