Ron Savage

Ron Savage has been a long-time supporter of Catholic Leadership Institute. His gifts of time, talent and treasure have helped to advance the mission of Catholic Leadership Institute and bring leadership formation to thousands of good leaders and good shepherds. His generosity has enabled a number of bishops to attend Catholic Leadership Institute’s Episcopal Ongoing Formation Sessions. Additionally, Ron has funded leadership formation training for parish and diocesan leaders and provided scholarships for seminarians in mission dioceses through Catholic Leadership Institute’s partnership with Catholic Extension. 

Most recently, Ron has given the gift of leadership formation to seminarians at St. Charles Borromeo Seminary in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. This gift helped Catholic Leadership Institute deliver a three-day workshop, titled Self-Leadership: Responsibility and Versatility in Priestly Formation. In the following interview, Ron shares some of his thoughts on what inspires him and gives him hope as a supporter of Catholic Leadership Institute. 

Q: How did you become involved with the ministry of Catholic Leadership Institute? 
A: I largely got involved through my son, David. David is a current member of the Board of Directors and has been involved with Catholic Leadership Institute since its founding. Each year he invited me to attend the Awards Dinner and gradually over the years, I was able to learn about the mission of the organization. Through this engagement, I came to understand more fully what Catholic Leadership Institute was all about and how I could get involved. 

Q: What inspired you to give of your time, talent and treasure in support of the ministry of Catholic Leadership Institute? 
A: It took a little while for me to get involved, but as I saw Catholic Leadership Institute grow and evolve into an organization that was supporting priests with effective tools and training, I liked that a lot. I felt what Catholic Leadership Institute offered was needed in our Church today. I saw a tie-in to the Savage Charitable Foundation, which was established by my late brother to support the training of seminarians for the priesthood. 

Q: What gives you the most hope about Catholic Leadership Institute? 
A: It is a terrible shame that a vocation should go to waste because a diocese doesn’t have the funding to properly educate a man for the priesthood. Knowing that that problem existed in our Church today bothered me a lot. When Catholic Leadership Institute formed a partnership with Catholic Extension to equip priests and seminarians in mission dioceses with leadership formation and training, I was blessed to support it. I found much hope in the impact it could make for current and future shepherds. 

Q: Why is it important for each of us to use our gifts and talents in service to the Church? 
A: Before Christ ascended into Heaven, He instructed us to go forth teach the Gospel, and spread His message of love and compassion. This commissioning is for all of us—bishop, priest and laity. It is our obligation to spread His message in all that we do and I take that obligation very seriously. That is why I do what I can to support priests and seminarians. Through my support of the Church and Catholic Leadership Institute I feel like I am doing my part in carrying out Christ’s message.