Catholic Leadership Institute Giving Challenge:

Double the Difference You Can Make for the Church Today! 

Today, a special member of the CLI community is challenging you in a special way...

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What this challenge is all about...

Thanks to a member of the Catholic Leadership Institute's National Advisory Board, you have an exciting opportunity to double your impact, double your giving, and double the difference you can make for the Church in Catholic Leadership Institute's 25th Anniversary year! 


To date we have raised $365,059... our goal is to complete this challenge by September 15, 2016! 


Right now, over a dozen parishes, and countless priests, lay leaders, seminarians, and bishops are eager to begin receiving access to the best leadership development support out there.  Your help in seizing this amazing opportunity will help them maximize their potential to those they lead.


A member of Catholic Leadership Institute's National Advisory Board issued this $500,000 challenge grant for three primary reasons

  • She saw the benefits of Good Leaders, Good Shepherds for her own pastor. 
  • She experienced firsthand the impact of Catholic Leadership Institute's consulting services in her home parish and her diocese. 
  • She observed a session for bishops and witnessed the impact of Catholic Leadership Institute's ministry on an international basis. 

This anonymous donor said she receives so much satisfaction out of her involvement with Catholic Leadership Institute that she wanted to create a way to inspire others to join her in supporting this mission. 

Who this will impact...

  • Clergy: Gifts to this challenge will provide world class leadership training and support for bishops, priests, and deacons. To date, we've served over 210 bishops and over 2,500 priests.
  • Lay leaders: Gifts will be directed towards programs to train and inspire parish and diocesan staff and key lay leaders.
  •  Parishes around the world: Your gift combined with our anonymous donor's gift will help us continue the transformation and renewal of dioceses across the country.  In 25 years, Catholic Leadership Institute has worked in 94 dioceses around the world and continues to grow.


Here's how you can make a difference with this challenge:

  • Double your philanthropic gift and double the impact on the Church through Catholic Leadership Institute by making a gift today. Time is running out -- don't miss out on this amazing opportunity.
  • Join the community of people who believe in and support Catholic Leadership Institute.  Donors to Catholic Leadership Institute include not only generous people like you... but also include bishops, priests, and clergy who give to Catholic Leadership Institute out of their own stipends, because they believe in our mission, and have benefited personally in their ministry.
  • Inspire others to give with you!  Share the opportunity for others to join you in giving to Catholic Leadership Institute's mission.