Boston: A Language of Leadership

This past winter, Denise Ehlen and I had the honor to provide leadership development to every Pastoral Center employee in the Archdiocese of Boston. The 200 professionals ranged in role from accountants, to ministry directors, to facilities managers. Much of the content focused on understanding different leadership styles and communicating about the strengths and potential pitfalls of some of our natural leadership preferences.

The people in Boston are amazing and I’d highly recommend you check out their efforts around evangelization (visit It is a gift to support them. A special gift was to see how so many people, who work together daily, can increase their joy and effectiveness by sharing a new language of leadership.

According to many participants, as a result of the training, daily nuisances and perennial problems now had a name and more importantly a rationale. Pathways for engaging in healthy conflict became a little less intimidating and a little clearer. Opportunities to celebrate what was shared in common were more readily visible. Why? A few frameworks, definitions and Catholic Leadership tools combined with people who are committed to their purpose, to collaboration and to making the investment in learning together created a recipe for strengthening discipleship and disciple-making.

As you read in this issue’s feature article, this isn’t just the experience of people in Boston. Thanks to your support and leaders like Archbishop Gustavo García-Siller, more local churches are experiencing the fruits of adopting a common language of leadership.

Human dynamics transcend industry and job function, level of management and budget size. The ability of people within a parish, a diocese or any organization to nurture a culture and language of leadership will make the difference in how effectively it fulfills its purpose.

Catholic Leadership Institute supports our partners in strengthening the communication within their local Church. The models and frameworks we provide create a space for people to minister better, together. Our tools are a translation service of sorts for co-workers coming from many different perspectives in the vineyard to ensure they stay aligned with Christ and highly collaborative with each other while bringing their unique gifts and talents to the table. Catholic Leadership Institute is blessed to provide some helpful maps and supplies for the journey of discipleship that we all travel.