A Parish, People and Pastor Transformed

The story of Fr. Gary Kastl , his parishioners, and his parish, St. Anne’s in Oklahoma, is a special one. With ongoing support and access to Catholic Leadership Institute, Fr. Kastl led his parish on an amazing journey. Over the course of four years, St. Anne’s participated in the Disciple Maker Index, aligned ministry and resources, hired for mission, measured growth, and set new priorities and a new vision through pastoral planning.

The transformation is an exciting one:

“The DMI was a wonderful tool that allowed us to concretely identify ways in which we could better meet the spiritual needs of our people. In responding to these needs we have seen a profound growth in the spiritual lives of our people and in the vitality of our community.””

Fr. Gary Kastl

Fr. Kastl is one example of how seeking guidance and support for visioning, organization structure, and goal setting can be a catalyst for growing a parish in people, prayer, and philanthropy. Catholic Leadership Institute is honored to support Fr. Kastl and leaders like him who lead their flock with love, faith, and leadership tools.

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by Catholic Leadership Institute

Jul 13, 2018

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