The Next Generation Parish Experience

In the face of a changing society, a decline in sacramental participation, and a generational shift, parishes are struggling to grow, adapt, and thrive in today’s world.

But there is hope. Together, we can create the Next Generation Parish. This means building, supporting, and sustaining a Church for our children, grandchildren, and beyond.

What is the Next Generation Parish Experience?

The Next Generation Parish Experience is a four-year program designed by Catholic Leadership Institute to support the Church’s journey into tomorrow by creating Next Generation Parishes.

What does a Next Generation Parish look like?

A Next Generation Parish has the ability to grow, thrive, and bring people closer to Jesus. Mass attendance and collections will increase. More people will have a personal encounter with Jesus and grow in their faith. Parishes will be focused on evangelization and discipleship. Parents will have the support they need to pass the faith on to children and grandchildren. Parishes will again be vibrant communities who gather on Sunday and then transform the world in His name the rest of the week.

The Plan

Catholic Leadership Institute has identified Four Key Factors of a Next Generation Parish:

  1. Fostering spiritual maturity and a plan for discipleship of its members
  2. Sharing leadership and maintaining a commitment to a healthy organization
  3. Offering a vibrant Sunday experience with excellent hymns, homilies, and hospitality
  4. Embracing a missionary impulse to go out and bring others to know Jesus

We walk alongside parishes to put these four factors into place and measure the effectiveness of each.

How can we support you in your ministry?

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