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Catholic Leadership Institute provides bishops, priests, religious, deacons, lay persons in the Roman Catholic Church with world-class, pastoral leadership formation and consulting services that strengthen their confidence and competence in ministry, enabling them to articulate a vision for their local church, to call for the gifts of those they lead, and to create more vibrant faith communities rooted in Jesus Christ.

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Who We Serve

From missionary discipleship to pastoral ministry, see how we uniquely
support the changing roles of parish and diocesan leaders.


Priests & Pastors

Church Leaders

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Called for More

A two-year revitalization process using data and analysis of ministry to provide Church leaders with focus and courage to engage the culture with an apostolic mindset, creating a space for clergy to recall and live into the joy of their ministry and forming them to be more intentional with those they serve for and with.

Next Generation Parish

A 4-year experience that transforms the future of the Church through innovative, dynamic insight that helps parishes meet the challenges of our time through visionary models that foster spiritual maturity, share leadership, offer a vibrant Sunday experience, and embrace a missionary impulse.

Disciple Maker Index (DMI)

A survey tool that supports informed Truth with objective data, helping Church leaders recognize their potential and envision future possibilities through a deep analysis of attitude and belief, participation, relationship/satisfaction, and demographics.

Gifts — Investing in the Future of Our Faith

Catholic Leadership Institute has been animating leaders in the Catholic Church throughout the United States since 1991. CLI is revitalizing the Church for a joy-filled, vibrant future.

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“This is an exciting time for the Church. A time to rediscover who we are, what we are about and how to build the Kingdom in the 21st Century. It's also a scary time because we need to walk away from some of the structures that have been in place for 100 years in order to create new, relevant structures that allow us to continue the mission. CLI has given the foundation and tools to allow me to lead my parish through the chaos and to utilize the gifts and talents of parishioners in this time.”

Rev. David Frederici

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