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Through our transformative Catholic leadership services that uniquely integrate the art of leadership with application in ministry, your diocese and her parishes can thrive both now and in the next generation.

“Catholic Leadership Institute truly understands priestly life and pastoral ministry in the Catholic parish context, and more than that, they truly love our ministry and us. They want us to thrive. They want us to be happier, healthier, and holier leaders for our own personal fulfillment and for the benefit of our faith communities. They are an apostolate that is committed to excellence, committed to refinement, committed to constant learning that they share generously with the Church.”

Most Rev. Robert J. Carlson

Episcopal Care

With topics selected by bishops, our Episcopal support sessions provide community, discussion, and leadership skill-building for bishops as they shepherd their local churches.

Focused Leadership Seminars for Bishops

Vision & Leadership

Through collaborative and faithful consulting, we can assist your diocese in articulating a vision for the future, creating a plan for implementation, and building a team of leaders to support your vision.

Looking to the Future:
Mutually Shared Vision

Chartering a Cohesive Ministry Team

Leadership Training for Chancery Staff

Faith-Filled Solutions

We can accompany you and provide faith-filled, collaborative consulting as we tackle diocesan challenges such as the priest shortage, implementing new parish models, and creating an effective communication plan.

Special Projects:
Consulting and Support Services

Equipping Church Leaders

Through our one-of-a-kind programs that integrate the science of leadership with pastoral application, we equip priests and lay leaders to build their skill and confidence in ministry as they lead their parishes.

Supporting our Priests:
Good Leaders, Good Shepherds

Empowering Lay Leaders

Vibrant Parishes

Are your parishes thriving? Let us help you implement a proven model for parishes that creates thriving, vibrant parishes now and in generations to come.

The Next Generation Parish Experience

Fostering Discipleship

Utilizing a unique, cutting-edge technology called the “Disciple Maker Index”, we can help you create a vision and plan for discipleship in your parishes based on your unique parishioners, national trends, and Jesus’ vision for the Church.

Data Driven Decision Making: The Disciple Maker Index

Seminary Training

Our customized seminary curriculum provides formation focused on self-understanding, leadership, and personal and pastoral growth that complement the seminary’s overall priestly formation ministry.

Seminary Formation

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