Support for Church Leaders

Our transformative Catholic leadership formation has been uniquely designed for parish and diocesan leaders to address the new and often complex leadership positions of today.

“Before I went through Tending the Talents, I often felt like I was just spinning my wheels and getting nowhere with our mission. Tending the Talents gave me language to describe what we were trying to accomplish, a process and structure to break down a huge mission into achievable parts, and incredibly valuable lessons about maintaining drive and motivation for myself and others that I believe will be key to the success of Mission 10,000. I'm incredibly grateful for this program and all that it has given me, and I cannot imagine where my ministry would be without it.”

Ashley D’Emo, St. Augustine Parish, Diocese of St. Augustine

Missionary Discipleship

Over the course of a year, our formation transforms Catholic believers into missionary disciples who are empowered to give witness to how Jesus Christ lives in our hearts, influences our lives, and calls us to holiness. 

Parish Missionary Disciples

Equipping Church Leaders

Through our one-of-a-kind formation that integrates the science of leadership with ministry application, we support and prepare Church leaders to tackle new and often complex leadership positions within their ministry. 

Tending the Talents

Vibrant Parishes

Are your parishes thriving? We can help you implement a proven model for parishes that creates thriving, vibrant parishes now and in generations to come.

The Next Generation Parish Experience

Fostering Discipleship

Utilizing a unique, cutting-edge technology called the “Disciple Maker Index”, we can help you create a vision and plan for discipleship in your parishes based on your unique parishioners, national trends, and Jesus’ vision for the Church.

Data Driven Decision Making: The Disciple Maker Index

Seminary Training

Our customized seminary curriculum provides formation focused on self-understanding, leadership, and personal and pastoral growth that complement the seminary’s overall priestly formation ministry.

Seminary Formation

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