CLI inspires Catholic leaders to revitalize the Church for a Christ-filled and joy-filled future through a close accompaniment.

Disciple Maker Index (DMI)

A survey tool that supports Church ministry with objective data, helping Church leaders recognize their potential and envision future possibilities through a deep analysis of attitude and belief, participation, relationship/satisfaction, and demographics.

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Next Generation Parish

A four-year experience that transforms the future of the Church through innovative, dynamic accompaniment that helps dioceses and parishes meet the challenges of our time through visionary models that foster spiritual maturity, share leadership, offer a vibrant Sunday experience, and embrace a missionary impulse.

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Called For More

A two-year revitalization process using data and analysis of ministry to provide Church leaders with focus and courage to engage the culture with an apostolic mindset, creating a space for priests to recall and live into the joy of their ministry and highlighting mission and evangelization needs for parishes to pursue.

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Other Specialized Consultation

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