of parishioners want to grow in their faith


of registered Catholics in the US attend Mass weekly


of all donations are made by just 6.8% of parishioners

8.3 M

people are estimated to leave the Church in the next 10-20 years

What is It?

This 75-question survey is a tool that invites parishioners to reflect on where they are on their journey of discipleship and enables parish leadership to make data-driven decisions to help parishioners grow in their faith.

Survey administration is overseen by CLI in your parish who provides templates to support getting your parishioners involved.

Comprehensive and useful reports will be prepared to share your results, including an interactive software that allows you to dive deeper into responses of interest.

Context for your data will be made available so you can compare your results with national trends, other parishes in your diocese and the top three performing parishes in the country.

Faithful and expert consultation will be provided by CLI as they help you interpret survey results and create a plan to translate the data into action.

“The DMI was a wonderful tool to identify the spiritual needs of our people.”

Rev. Gary Kastl, Diocese of Tulsa

Survey Questions

Attitude and Beliefs – Stage and pace of spiritual growth, personal beliefs, parish effectiveness in helping people connect with a community and helping them evangelize

Participation – Frequently of parishioners’ participation in various parish activities

Relationship/Satisfaction – Parishioners’ satisfaction with their parish, pastor and parish activities

Demographics – Gender, age, ethnicity, etc. to understand who is responding