Parish Missionary Disciples is a training program that provides a pathway by which parishes transform Catholic believers into missionary disciples. This training deepens one’s relationship with Jesus Christ, transforms one into a disciple, and empowers one to meaningfully, joyfully, and respectfully give witness to how Jesus Christ lives in our hearts, influences our lives and calls us to holiness. The desired result is not another ministry or program for the parish — it is a parish community reawakened and transformed by the person of Jesus Christ. The result is a parish community on fire to share that encounter with others so that they too can be transformed and on fire in the name of Christ.

The missionary disciple has Jesus Christ as the center of his or her life, is confident and comfortable with giving witness to Jesus in their life and is supported by a parish that is able to sustain disciples and model the value for discipleship in what they do. This program trains the “laborers in the field.”

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