Andrew Talley

Board of Directors

Andrew A. Talley is the Managing Partner of Talley LLP, Talley Law Group and Talley Capital Group. He has extensive experience in tax consulting, planning and compliance for all varieties of taxpayers. He is experienced in handling Internal Revenue Service disputes and has represented clients from the initial audit through United States Tax Court. Mr. Talley has the final responsibility for the quality and direction of tax services performed on behalf of the firm's clients. To that end, he directs the firm's recruiting function and maintains its research facilities.

Mr. Talley is closely involved with the firm's consulting function. He has advised business owners in the areas of sell-side and buy-side acquisitions; corporate financing; company and departmental reorganizations; business continuity; and succession planning. He has structured corporate and shareholder redemptions; Employee Stock Ownership Plans; and other shareholder purchase agreements.

Mr. Talley has served on numerous boards of nonprofit and private sector institutions including Cornelia Conley High School, Anaheim; Christ Catholic Cathedral Corporation; Orange Catholic Foundation; and several other organizations and boards.