Matt Reichert

Leadership Consultant

Matt Reichert joined Catholic Leadership institute in 2022 as a Leadership Consultant. He has served the church in a variety of capacities. As an educator, Matt has been an administrator, board member, middle and high school teacher, and undergraduate professor. As a pastoral musician and liturgist, Matt has worked in parishes, schools, and university campus ministry. Matt is a frequent workshop leader and has presented at parishes, dioceses, and conferences across the country including NPM and NCEA conferences, the Mid-Atlantic Congress, and the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress. He formerly served as Director of Outreach and Engagement at GIA Publications and was the founding host of NPM's "Ministry Monday" podcast.

In addition to his work with CLI, Matt co-directs the One Call Institute for young musicians and their advocates. He co-hosts the “Open Your Hymnal” podcast with Zack Stachowski, and he and Zack have several resources published with Twenty-Third Publications.

Matt holds his BA in History and English from Saint John’s University in Collegeville, Minnesota, and two Masters degrees from the University of Notre Dame in Education and Leadership. In addition to teaching and consulting, Matt is an avid reader, gardener, beekeeper, and woodworker.

Matt lives in Richmond, Minnesota, with his wife and four daughters.

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