Stephanie Bosse

Leadership Consultant

Stephanie Bosse joined the Catholic Leadership Institute as a Leadership Consultant in January 2024. She has served the church for nearly two decades working as a speaker, consultant, relationship manager, writer, program coordinator and manager in the Diocese of Orlando and at Catholic Relief Services. Throughout her time at both agencies Stephanie was heavily involved in the CRS meal packaging “Helping Hands” where she spoke for thousands of people and helped plan upwards of 1,000 events packaging nearly 11 million meals across the country. In her most recent role, as Digital Media Specialist at CRS, Stephanie formed and cultivated relationships with Catholic artists and artists around the world and was encouraged to see our Catholic faith being expressed so beautifully and fruitfully on social media channels.

Stephanie received a degree in Social Ecology with an emphasis in psychology and criminal law from the University of California at Irvine in 1994. She has felt called to help the less fortunate since her youth and is a passionate champion for bettering the lives of vulnerable people around the world.

After raising their two children, Brian and Carly, Stephanie and her husband, Tim, moved from Florida to California in 2017 to be closer to her parents in their later years. After her husbands cancer diagnosis in 2020 she and her husband have become advocates for increased funding for rare cancers and have journeyed in faith and love with people struggling with health issues. As a self professed “jack of all trades”, prior to living out her calling and working in the church, Stephanie was a flight attendant at American Airlines. She and her pilot husband have traveled extensively, prefer pilgrimages to most all over vacations, and love being with their kids and family, writing, cooking, praying in every Catholic church they come upon, and hiking the mountains of their Northern California home.

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