Special Projects: Consulting and Support Services

We can accompany you with faith-filled, collaborative consulting or customized training solutions.

These are examples of our custom training and consulting support for parishes and dioceses. We work collaboratively with you to develop a solution that meets your needs.

Discern & Implement a Diocesan Priority Plan

  • A Three-Year, Integrated Pastoral Plan that rallies the diocese around one unifying theme and three Pastoral Priorities with two SMART goals supporting each Priority.
  • Diocesan priorities and goals that are highly relevant, clear and actionable by the Bishop and his collaborators.
  • A resource allocation plan that aligns people, budgets and ministries in support of the priorities and growth initiatives outlined by the diocese.
  • Opportunities for the entire People of God in the local church to engage in a planning process and exercise discipleship in support of the diocesan pastoral plan

Chartering a Cohesive Diocesan Ministry Team

To facilitate strong, collaborative relationships between team members and their bishop as a means to develop quality ministry and respectful communication between all persons and accompanying decisions. To assist a bishop and his team in both understanding and utilizing a key leadership practice of Sponsoring and Chartering a Team; a primary vehicle to facilitate quality relationships and professionalism.

A Presbyteral Convocation

  • An opportunity for the entire Presbyterate to gather and reflect on strengthening a culture of leadership in the diocese.
  • Appreciative inquiry and conversation on the relationship between priests, their bishop and their people.

Leadership Training for Chancery Staff

  • Strong, collaborative relationships between Chancery staff members as a means to develop quality ministry and respectful communication between all persons and accompanying decisions.
  • Cooperation and respect through understanding different leadership styles.
  • Individual role alignment and increased understanding of how one’s role contributes to the mission of the diocese and the Universal Church.
  • SMART goals for the role that supports the fulfillment of the New Evangelization.
  • Continued fraternal and leadership support for priest graduates of Good Leaders, Good Shepherds to support application of skills and implementation of the diocesan vision.
  • Increased confidence and competence for parish and diocesan staff through greater clarity and alignment of roles and developed interpersonal skills.
  • A collaborative network of leaders from amongst the Presbyterate, Diaconate, Religious as well as parish and diocesan staff.

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