Catholic Leadership Institute has more than two decades of experience guiding parishes and Church leaders through planning and transitions. Our Leadership Consultants have helped develop material based on their experience in training and experience in parish leadership. CLI believes firmly in our call to be and form others as Missionary Disciples.

Some material to help your parish move the needle for positive responses to "My parish helps me grow spiritually as a Catholic by forming me as a disciple" are included here.

Testimony Worksheet
A critical component of evangelization is the ability to share ones testimony. This worksheet provides a guided reflection on what testimony means, and how to find your own. Includes specific scriptural examples. Adapted from CLI's work in Parish Missionary Disciples.
Discipleship Roadmap
Adapted from the book, The Fuel and the Flame by Steve Shadrach, the Discipleship Roadmap is a helpful tool to prayerfully discern where you are on your own journey as a disciple. This can be a useful conversation starter within your parish staff or in small group formation.
Introduction to Kerygma
Kerygma is a big theological word that simply means the core Gospel message. This worksheet provides an introduction to the kerygma, with specific scriptural references to help you articulate the core message of our Catholic faith.