We are thrilled to announce that an amazing 100,000+ parishioners across the US and Canada have now participated in a groundbreaking research project for the Catholic Church: Catholic Leadership Institute’s Disciple Maker Index!

What is the Disciple Maker Index?

The Disciple Maker Index is a one-of-a-kind survey tool that relies on parishioner feedback to provide crucial insight into what’s working and what’s not working in a parish. The survey offers a unique look into evangelization, parishioners’ spiritual journey, and other important faith- and parish-centered questions.

Disciple Maker Index by the Numbers

As of 2018, the 75-question Disciple Maker Index survey tool has:

  • Supported over 350 parishes
  • Reached 20 dioceses throughout the United States and Canada
  • Been translated into nine languages
  • Captured the responses of over 100,000 parishioners (making it one of the largest research projects in the Church today)

Turning Data into Vision

After taking the survey, each parish receives specialized support from Catholic Leadership Institute to analyze their data and use it to plan for the future. Pastors are empowered and armed with the knowledge needed to create a vision for their parish and their people.

This vision ultimately leads their parishes into the Next Generation.

As our CEO, Dan Cellucci likes to say, “These 100,000 responses are more than just surveys: they represent souls. For these souls, we are grateful.”

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Disciple Maker Index and for all those benefactors who make this project possible through your philanthropy to CLI!

Hear from pastors who participated:

"This was our second time participating in the DMI so we were able to see the areas we made improvements (increased participation in Sacramental Confession, increased number of people feeling equipped to talk about their own faith; increased engagement in parish outreach) and also learned of areas that will be a priority in the months and years to come (increasing participation in devotions and daily prayer as well as retreat experience; more concrete opportunities to witness our faith and invite others to the parish, increase those who identify their relationship with Christ as the priority of their lives). The data that comes from the DMI will help us continue to grow so that souls will be saved and people’s lives transformed in Christ!”
– Rev. Christopher M. Walsh

“Catholic Leadership Institute assisted me as a pastor to stay on task and have a mission oriented parish... We now have a Pastoral Council that focuses on the mission and with the advice of Catholic Leadership Institute recommends next steps in the pastoral planning. The staff and ministries then respond by implementing the priorities and goals. The clarification of roles and responsibilities have also been helpful in my position as pastor.”
–Msgr. Robert Morris

“The DMI was a wonderful tool that allowed us to concretely identify ways in which we could better meet the spiritual needs of our people. In responding to these needs we have seen a profound growth in the spiritual lives of our people and in the vitality of our community.”
– Rev. Gary Kastl, St. Anne Parish

Interested in the Disciple Maker Index?

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