$2.5M Gift Paves the Way for the Next Generation

Catholic Leadership Institute is honored to announce a $2.5 million gift from visionary philanthropists, Bill and Jody Orosz.

This year, Catholic Leadership Institute celebrates 30 years of service to the Church – a mission that is made possible because of faithful Catholic leaders like Bill and Jody. Their example of faith, generosity, courage, and family is inspiring.

Serving as Chairman of CLI’s Board of Directors since 2018, Bill has pioneered a path forward at a crucial time for Catholic Leadership Institute and the Church. “This phenomenal gift from Bill and Jody is a true blessing to those we serve,” said Dan Cellucci, CEO of Catholic Leadership Institute. “Their philanthropy was the spark that ignited a national effort across five dioceses – and growing – that is rethinking models of parish life, empowering clergy, galvanizing lay leaders, and paving the way for the Next Generation of Catholics to find their place in our Church. An enterprising risk taker, Bill steadfastly supports CLI’s vision of being bold and dreaming big. Bill is able to take these risks because he has great trust in our Lord. That bravery has impacted the whole CLI family."

The Orosz’ gift came with a challenge – to set a vision for the future that would not only create transformation, but transformation that would pave the way for the Next Generation of Catholics, especially the Orosz’ grandchildren. In addition to the national impact this gift has inspired, this commitment was the founding gift that brought to fruition Catholic Leadership Institute’s ground-breaking initiative, Next Generation Parish.

“This is a watershed moment for our Church and for CLI. I believe CLI, as an apostolate, is uniquely prepared to support the Church at this crucial time,” states Bill. “With our collaboration, CLI will have a significant impact on the Church for the Next Generation.”

A “watershed moment” is a point at which everything changes, a turning point from which one can never go back. A watershed moment is historic and revolutionizes everything. Bill and Jody have supported both the Church and this apostolate at such a time.

If there was a word to describe the Orosz family’s $2.5 million commitment to CLI, it would be just that - watershed. Because of the impact from Bill and Jody’s giving, the work of CLI will never be the same. We cannot go back… nor do we want to.

Historic $2.5M Gift from Bill & Jody Orosz Marks Turning Point

Leadership Gift Sets Stage for Challenge

Preparing our Church for the Next Generation is not a simple task. It demands thinking differently, leading courageously, and challenging status quo. Bill and Jody Orosz have risen to the occasion with their charitable gifts, but also with their generosity in prayer, talents, support, and forward thinking.

“Through both his leadership and his philanthropy, Bill pushes us as an organization, as a Board, and as devout Catholics to do more, to give more, and to think even bigger than we knew we were capable of… and to do it all with faith,” praises Berni Neal, fellow CLI Board member and Board Chair Emeritus. “In addition to the ministry impact Bill has had on CLI, he has been a trailblazer of generosity. He boldly stepped up with a gift that has played a role in inspiring my own family’s commitment to CLI as well as the commitment of many others. What an honor it has been for Rob and me to work and pray alongside Bill and Jody.”

A Family of Faith and Philanthropy

CLI has been privileged and inspired to have Bill serve as Chair of the Board of Directors since July of 2018 and further fortunate to have Bill, Jody, and their family as members of our Catholic Leadership Institute family.

Currently, Bill is CEO and President of Hanover Capital Partners. Bill graduated cum laude with a B.A. in Economics from Dartmouth College in 1971, and received his Master’s in Business Administration from the Harvard Business School in 1973. A resident of Central Florida since 1981, his entire working career has been focused within the real estate industry. He now leads a family-owned real estate development and investment company co-managed with his three sons. The company is engaged in residential land development, home building, commercial/industrial investment property and mezzanine financing. Bill has built more than 21,000 homes and developed more than 75 residential communities over the past thirty-five years. We are blessed that he has also continued to build up parishes, programs, and people through his tenure with Catholic Leadership Institute since he joined our Board in 2014.

The Orosz family is committed to involvement and support of many community initiatives. The Orosz Family Foundation supports religious, educational, and medical research initiatives in the Central Florida community with Bill both serving on and chairing the efforts of many Orlando-based and national nonprofits.

Bill’s success in business is admirable, but what is more admirable is his love for his family and partnership with Jody, his wife of 44 years. Together, they cherish time with their family and provide solid examples of grace and giving to their three sons and 10 grandchildren. In response, their children and grandchildren have inspired them to make this commitment and to specifically support the Next Generation Parish endeavor.

Shaping a Path for the Next Generation

Next Generation Parish is a groundbreaking initiative renewing parish life throughout the United States. At its heart – and in the hearts of Bill and Jody – is a dedication to building vibrant, thriving parishes for generations to come.

Thanks to Bill and Jody’s commitment and their tireless work to inspire giving from others in the Diocese of Orlando and beyond, their hometown of Orlando became the first diocese to pilot this initiative. Already, Next Generation Parish has fostered increased mass attendance, strengthened parish leadership, engaged more parishioners, energized parish life, and ignited powerful moments of faith. What an inspiring journey it has been - a journey that started with Bill and Jody.

A Goal to Impact 3,600 Parishes

This effort, this immense generosity, and the leadership of the Orosz family, has grown this vision into a national effort focused on impacting not just parishes in the Diocese of Orlando, but a goal of working alongside 3,600 parishes by 2025.

As a builder, Bill knows that success requires a strong foundation, a team of workers, a blueprint, and a vision. Building up our Church demands the same.

We thank Bill and Jody for their remarkable $2.5 million gift as a cornerstone for building up the Church and Her leaders!

by Chad Peddicord

July 20, 2021

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