A "Grand" Thank You

I write today to simply say, “Thank you.”

Thank you for your enthusiasm for our mission; thank you for your love of Catholic leaders; thank you for your generosity of prayer and financial support… all of which has been incredibly transformative. As Chair of Catholic Leadership Institute’s Board of Directors, having witnessed the potential for positive change in our parish communities and leadership growth of our clergy, I couldn’t be more hopeful about the future of our Church and our ability to have a lasting impact together.

I also say “thank you” as a grandfather. For many of us, our grandparents have had an indelible impact in shaping our lives, deepening our Catholic faith, and bringing us closer to Jesus. I want to do the same for my own grandchildren. That desire is the spark for my work alongside Catholic Leadership Institute.

So today, I offer my deepest gratitude to you in appreciation for our mutual love of our Catholic faith and for making an impact at a time when our Church needs us most.

p.s. On Monday March 15, Catholic Leadership Institute will be praying for all grandparents. If you have special grandparents in your life – on earth, in heaven, family, or friend – we would love to pray for them. Just email us, and we will add them to our prayers on Monday.

by Catholic Leadership Institute

March 11, 2021