A Truly Vibrant Parish

Do you know if the time and energy you are spending is actually making a difference in the life of your parishioners? The Parish Leaders of Church of the Blessed Sacrament in Wichita, KS do.

In 2015, the parish reached out to Catholic Leadership Institute to help them create a pastoral plan to serve their parishioners and help them grow closer to the Lord. The first step was to employ the Disciple Maker Index to gain insight into how well the parish was serving the parishioners. Equipped with the knowledge of where the parish needed to focus their efforts to support their parishioners, the parish leadership team identified three clear priorities and corresponding goals. The priorities and goals provided a structure that helped the pastor, staff, and key leaders focus their ministry.

In 2018 they employed the Disciple Maker Index again to measure progress. It was neither magic nor luck that the parish saw growth in all three priority areas. It is a testament to planning and focus and the efforts of the parish team. Learn more about their story and how Catholic Leadership Institute can support you as you seek to create more vibrant faith communities rooted in Jesus Christ.

by Catholic Leadership Institute

Oct 02, 2019

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