“For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them”

Matthew 18:20

Last month, Catholic Leadership Institute had the opportunity to bring 23 bishops from across the United States and Canada together for fellowship and learning during our annual Episcopal Ongoing Formation and Support Session in Bay Hill, Florida. The team at Catholic Leadership Institute left the session filled with hope and respect. Hope because of the open dialogue the bishops had with each other and with the millennial team who engaged them in conversation, and respect because of the holiness and commitment and charity that is so apparent among our shepherds.

Our topic for this year’s Episcopal Ongoing Formation and Support was “Shepherding a Millennial Flock”. Attendees had the opportunity to reflect on assumptions and opinions about young people, learned about the wide mix of people who make up the millennial generation, and had the opportunity to interact directly with millennials through recorded video and in-person roundtable conversations.

Catholic Leadership Institute offers Episcopal Ongoing Formation & Support sessions in thanksgiving for our bishops’ shepherding ministry. These sessions provide skill-building and coaching to envision a strong future for local churches and respond to the leadership challenges that our Church leaders encounter. Along with leadership skill-building, each three-day session offers fraternity and prayer to that enable bishops to contemplate their role and leadership responsibilities in service to their local Church.

“I attended the Bishops panel with some nervousness. We were invited to be open, honest, and authentic in conversation – and I found just that! The Bishops were open to listening and have a genuine in their concern for the issues facing young adults in the Church. I found myself sharing my authentic opinions about the church, my dreams, my frustrations, and most of all - my hope for the Church. The Bishops were compassionate, attentive, and constructive in their responses. Often times Bishops are seen as distant leaders or out of touch with their parishioners, after attending the Bishops panel, I found they were concerned shepherds who are willing to listen to, care for, and support their flock.”

Jordan Trejo

by Catholic Leadership Institute

March 19, 2019

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