Christmas Every Sunday

Dear Catholic Leadership Institute Family,

“I felt overwhelmed with the beauty of this experience that I was having. Why can’t Mass be like this every Sunday – jam packed, faith-filled, vibrant? Why not have “Christmas Every Sunday” in our parishes?”

I want to share with you one of our dreams at Catholic Leadership Institute, “Christmas Every Sunday.” I have a dream that if we can have a vibrant faith-filled liturgy once a year, we can do it again… and again.

Christmas Every Sunday

This dream of “Christmas Every Sunday” can become a reality because of people like you, who believe in leadership! Today, we remember the anniversary of the passing of my dear friend and Catholic Leadership Institute’s co-founder, Fr. Chuck Pfeffer. Fr. Chuck was a creative and visionary priest who believed in leadership and partnered with me over 25 years ago to walk alongside special Church leaders to support their guidance, vision, and love of our Church.

As we celebrate this joyous holiday with our family and friends, please pause for a moment today to pray for Fr. Chuck and to ask him to pray for us. May his example inspire us to live out his charism more fully in our family, workplace, community, and Church and to make “Christmas Every Sunday” a reality in our Church today!

Thank you and Merry Christmas!

-Tim Flanagan
Founder and Chair Emeritus

by Catholic Leadership Institute

Dec 21, 2018