Young Catholic Professionals Announces Collaboration with Catholic Leadership Institute, Our Sunday Visitor Institute

DALLAS, TX, September 19, 2018 — Young Catholic Professionals (YCP) has announced a new collaborative effort with the Catholic Leadership Institute (CLI) and Our Sunday Visitor Institute (OSVI). Catholic Leadership Institute provides bishops, priests, religious, deacons and lay leaders with world-class, pastoral leadership formation and consulting services that strengthen their confidence and competence in ministry. OSVI works to bring people to Christ through the Church by distributing funding generated by its parent organization, Our Sunday Visitor. The alliance among the three will focus on developing YCP’s Capstone, a more intensive level of formation for its members, designed to prepare young Catholic professionals to become future servant leaders in the Church.

“The goal is for YCP members to emerge from YCP as entrepreneurial leaders and courageous evangelists for their parishes and communities,”

explained Jennifer Baugh, the Founder and Executive Director of YCP. Studies consistently demonstrate that faith tends to decline during a person’s twenties and thirties, corresponding with a decrease in parish involvement. As a countercultural movement among a demographic of underserved adults, YCP seeks to gather, equip, and deploy young Catholic professionals back into their parishes as devout leaders positioned to serve the Church and the world. The Capstone, to be developed in conjunction with CLI and OSVI and built onto YCP’s existing programming, will equip YCP members to respond to the greatest needs of the Church.

About YCP:
YCP was founded in 2010 to help driven, Catholic professionals in their 20s and 30s connect with one another and grow in their Catholic faith, while also encouraging them to “Work in Witness for Christ.” Central to YCP’s mission of engaging young Catholic leaders is the importance of connecting them with seasoned Catholic professionals. YCP currently has chapters in 19 cities across the country. The YCP National Office oversees training, development and implementation of each individual chapter. Local chapters rely on YCP National for ongoing guidance, direction and support.

For more information, please contact:
Emily Collins, Chapter Support Coordinator
[email protected]

by Catholic Leadership Institute

October 24, 2018

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