God’s Gifts of Crosses, Potential, & Love

A Message from Dan Cellucci


Last week, Catholic Leadership Institute was blessed to have Bishop Robert Gruss of the Diocese of Saginaw, MI, lead us in a “Morning of Gratitude” Thanksgiving Retreat. What he shared with us was so special.

Here is one specific point that I have continued to “carry” with me:

“How often do we turn to the Lord and give thanks for the crosses in our lives? Crosses become an intimate place of union with Jesus when we accept crosses in our lives gratefully.”

I think back to what inspired Tim to create Catholic Leadership Institute: he saw Church leaders carrying crosses and he wanted to carry those crosses alongside them.

Between now and the new year, CLI would like to share with you some special videos featuring the faces, faith, and fortitude of the leaders we serve. I have the joy of sharing the first with you.

Click below to watch a video about CLI’s mission to walk alongside Church leaders humbly and happily as we carry crosses together and work tirelessly to:

Ignite the Parish
Embolden the Clergy
Forge the Future

In this video, I mention that God wants us to remind our parishes and our leaders how much they are loved by Him and how much potential He has given them. Through your prayers and philanthropy, you are doing just that.

Thank you for lifting up our crosses, lifting up our leaders, and lifting up our parishes with your love for our Church.

by Daniel Cellucci

Dec 02, 2021