What if they don't come back?

Do you think people will come back to Church?

Today I write to you with a question and an invitation.   

Serving as the Chair of the Board of Directors of Catholic Leadership Institute is a privilege.   We support Catholic leaders as they build the foundation for the future, care for fellow Catholics, and answer the tough questions.  

Right now, there is a hard question on all of our minds, "What if they don’t come back?"  

I invite you to watch a special Innovation Talk by Catholic Leadership Institute’s CEO, Dan Cellucci, in partnership with the Our Sunday Visitor as he explores that question.     

Dan’s opening line struck me:  Hey, have you noticed there are a lot fewer people in Church?  Where’d they all go?  Do you think they are coming back?  I don’t. But what he says afterwards is the real message.  

I invite you to join me in listening to this talk… but my real invitation is to reflect, pray, and discern how each of us is being called to answer that question in our own way.   

Stay tuned for an email next week containing access to the talk and know that you will stay in my prayers.

by Catholic Leadership Institute

Dec 03, 2020