Founder Tim Flanagan Receives Bowie Kuhn Award for Evangelization

Catholic Leadership Institute is thrilled to share that Founder Tim Flanagan received the Bowie Kuhn Award for Evangelization from Legatus International.

Flanagan founded Catholic Leadership Institute in 1991 after experiencing a revelation while on a corporate retreat in 1989. He felt called to bring the same leadership support, training and resources he encountered in the corporate world to the Catholic Church. In the nearly 30 years since then, Catholic Leadership Institute has equipped more than 280 bishops, 2,700 priests, and 27,000 lay leaders in 109 dioceses with world-class leadership formation and support services.

We congratulate Tim on this honor recognizing his outstanding impact on the Catholic Church!

To read more, visit the interview with Tim.

by Catholic Leadership Institute

Sep 28, 2020