Dear Friends,

I heard about an interesting homily while celebrating the Easter season, and as I kept you in my Easter prayers…

The priest asked the congregation to think back on the past year, saying:

“The pandemic has given us so many stories to tell -- ones that make us cry, ones that inspire us, some that break our heart, and others that make us laugh.
BUT in the history of the world, there is no greater story than that of the Resurrection and Jesus’ love, and we have to go out and tell it. We must tell it.”

In Catholic Leadership Institute’s work – specifically our Disciple Maker Index survey – data gathered from 1,225 parishes across the country tells us that one of our biggest areas to improve as a Church is just that: telling the story.

Did you know that amongst Mass-going Catholics, only...

  • 19% tell their personal witness story monthly or more frequently?
  • 25% tell the story of Jesus monthly or more frequently?
  • 14% strongly agree that their parish equips them to tell their personal witness story?
  • 17% strongly agree that their parish equips them to tell the story of Jesus?

Armed with this data, parishes across the country are making changes and finding ways to increase the storytelling of our faith. I hope you feel proud to know that your giving and prayers support that work.

Here is another interesting fact for you: close to 280,000 people have participated in the Disciple Maker Index. Over 50,000 responses were recorded during the pandemic – in our changing and challenging times, this tool is more crucial than ever to help parishes move forward and tell the story of Jesus to others.

I pray that you are continuing to live in the light and joy of the Resurrection. Please know how grateful we are for the light and joy you bring to Church leaders through your philanthropic support.

Let’s commit to each other to tell the story. I’m in if you are!

p.s. Follow the link below if you are interested in viewing a piece of what participating parishes receive when they participate in the Disciple Maker Index.

by Chad Peddicord

April 15, 2021

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