Our Responsibility to
Restore, Reimagine, and Reinvigorate

Catholic Life During and After the Pandemic

Dear Friends,

We are living through some interesting times! At Catholic Leadership Institute, we see the need to support, pray for, and serve Church leaders more than ever during this challenging time.

We want you to know where the need is greatest during this critical time.

Even in a time of challenge, we are seeing great signs of communion and hope. Churches are opening; in some places virtual Mass attendance has exceeded expectations; parishioners are serving others in creative ways; people are discovering new ways to pray. Priests and lay leaders have learned almost overnight how to do things differently – this is a great sign of hope! But we also have heard that pastors and parishes are looking for direction, support, and accompaniment to reopen carefully, courageously, and communally.

Catholic Leadership Institute hears the call to make the most significant difference we can in the wake of the effects of COVID-19. And we are responding.

We are already offering support to parishes… at no cost to them.
In the light of this crisis, our parishes need a vision, a plan and, an engaged community, united in the mission of Christ to walk through this storm. The number of parishes and dioceses proactively reaching out to Catholic Leadership Institute for help at this time is unprecedented.

How we are helping
Through our support program for parishes reopening, we will be walking alongside parishes for 6-8 weeks to do the following:

  • Assist parishes in building a Parish Reopening Task Force to identify the resources and areas of focus necessary to reopen and develop a dynamic plan that can adapt as the situation evolves
  • Facilitate brainstorming, troubleshooting, and assessment with the pastor and task force to identify each parish’s opportunities and challenges
  • Connect parishes with resources and support
  • Listen to, pray with, and support parish leadership through this difficult time

Are you being called to meet this challenge?
Today, we are actively working with more than 35 parishes in this way. To accomplish this support and provide this assistance, it is an average investment of $2,500 per parish. Catholic Leadership Institute is committed to providing this service as a free gift to parishes, because we believe in how powerful this moment is for our Church. We are determined to eliminate every obstacle to participation, but we need your help.

We hope you feel called to join us in providing this crucial support to these parishes. On behalf of the those seeking our help, we would be profoundly grateful for a gift of any size. Please click here to make your gift or respond to this email.

The importance of faith and community right now is unmistakable. In a time of challenge, your philanthropy and Catholic Leadership Institute’s work to support Church leaders is necessary, important, and honorable. Thank you.

Ready to stand with you; ready to move forward with our Church,


p.s. For anyone who makes a gift, we will be sharing your names with the participating parishes so that they may pray for you!

by Daniel Cellucci

June 17, 2020

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