Surveys, Singing, & Steve

At St. Mary Church in Chelsea in the Diocese of Lansing, their song is filled with faith, joy, planning, and vision. Their vision is filled with data, action steps, and opportunity.

Right now, St. Mary is taking the Disciple Maker Index survey to gain insights on strengths and opportunities for their parish as well as insights into the spiritual journeys of their parishioners. This effort is part of the Diocese of Lansing’s participation in our Called for More pilot.

Our goal at CLI is to give leaders – clergy and lay – the tools they need to strengthen faith, support parishes, and bring people closer to Jesus. One of my favorite things at Catholic Leadership Institute is when we receive emails from leaders telling us how they have been empowered to do great work using one of our tools. Steve is one of those leaders…

Strengthening Spirituality Through Song

Steve Hinz is the Music Director at St. Mary. Prior to assuming this role last July, he spent almost 30 years teaching music and theater in the Chelsea School District. Now at St. Mary, he has jumped in wholeheartedly to make a difference by combining his music, leadership, and faith. He works to inspire prayer through music, deepen the experience of Mass participants, and make the liturgies beautiful through song.

Steve is also taking a leadership role alongside fellow parishioners in interpreting the Disciple Maker Index survey data, creating a parish plan from these insights, and implementing this plan and vision to enhance the parish.

Steve Shares

In a recent email to Catholic Leadership Institute, Steve shares:

I just wanted to give you an update on our work here at St. Mary Chelsea. Our Called for More work is alive and well... especially in light of the Covid crisis. We presented the information to the parish by way of a print document, email, and presentation after Masses. We’ve launched three focus groups: Music/Liturgy, Hospitality, and Preaching, and each are in the midst of launching 2 targets... all at various stages of development and execution.

I believe that our conversations are rich and are producing positive outcomes. It’s especially interesting to see how connected we are to each other. I thank you for the influence your organization is having on our community!

Steve also shared this video update with us about their discussion groups:

Singing of Success

I am also pleased to share with you the print document that Steve referenced in his email – this piece is a great example of a parish interpreting the Disciple Maker Index data, sharing it with the commenting, and inviting others to join.

To Steve, St. Mary Parish, and all faithful leaders served by the Disciple Maker Index… keep on singing, strategizing, and strengthening your parishes. You are inspiring!

Sing to him, sing praises to him; tell of all his wondrous works!
Psalm 105:2

by Chad Peddicord

November 25, 2020

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