Each year, I share my hope with you to make Christmas Every Sunday (Click here to watch that video). Each year, I know we get a little bit closer.

This year, I still believe that. This year is unique. This year we need Jesus’ miracle like never before. We need that Holy Night.

O Holy Night” is a song that I would have loved to hear in Church on Friday. But I hear it in my heart.

A thrill of hope

In a challenging year, I have seen hope. Amidst obstacles, Catholic Leadership Institute has witnessed people more committed than ever to their parishes, lay leaders rising up, parishes using technology, and people connecting in new profound ways with each other and their faith.

The weary world

We are weary. We have been tested; we have grieved; we have loved; we have lost; we have prayed relentlessly. Like Mary and Joseph’s travels, it has been a long journey.


There is much to rejoice about. People and parishes are doing beautiful things during this pandemic. At Catholic Leadership Institute, we see parishes creating vision, hope, and progress in the Next Generation Parish experience. I am amazed at and proud of the priests and dioceses revolutionizing the priest placement process through Called For More. The Disciple Maker Index has become the largest databank in the Catholic Church with 227,885 participants.

For yonder breaks a new and glorious morning

I know there can be a new dawn for our Church. We are turning a corner, and “the stars are brightly shining” as we begin to envision what the future of our Church can be. It may look different, but it can shine just as brightly as the stars that shone on our Savior that sacred Holy Night. Catholic Leadership Institute is up for the challenge of forging a new future – a new morning – to follow the darkness of night, and I know that you are too.

I wish you a very blessed and holy Christmas (click below for my personal message to you and your loved ones).

Merry Christmas!

by Tim Flanagan

December 24, 2020

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