“Leadership trainings are in abundance, but CLI stands above and beyond the rest.”

Zachary Muldrow

Catholic Leadership Institute is pleased to share there is great hope for the future of our Church at St. Mary Seminary in the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston. This October, twenty-five seminarians and five faculty members spent time away from a hectic academic schedule for two days to reflective on their leadership, their goals as seminarians, and how their leadership decisions and actions will greatly impact not only themselves, but also the people they are leading.

During the training days, the seminarians received their DISC profile which provides information on their instinctive leadership behaviors. Through gaining an understanding of their instinctive leadership styles, they were able to reflect on what values could help them grow in versatility and be courageous and humble leaders both in the seminary and their future parish.

Building on this, they are then asked to develop values and leverage values to overcome an area of where they might be less comfortable exercising leadership. When they set values for themselves, they discussed what they can practice now in the seminary that will enable them to become more authentic and prepared to lead within a parish. They began to understand how becoming effective leaders can influence how the people respond to the call to personally encounter Jesus and to live out their call as disciples.

These seminarians give us hope for the future of the Catholic Church. Catholic Leadership Institute is blessed to serve these young men as they strengthen and develop their leadership as part of their seminary formation, preparing them for future leadership of parishes and beyond.

"I am grateful for the tools offered to me for improving my leadership skills as a priest and contributing to the formation of future leaders in the church."
—Fr. Vincent Anyama

by Catholic Leadership Institute

November 06, 2018

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