Using Jesus Christ the Good Shepherd as the ultimate model of leadership, Good Leaders, Good Shepherds is a world-class curriculum that celebrates and supports the ministry of Catholic priests.

Given the demands of ministry and the complexity of running parishes, effective leadership is paramount to creating and building authentic, vibrant Catholic communities. Good Leaders, Good Shepherds is designed to help priests overcome today’s challenges of a diminishing number of clergy and more complex circumstances for priestly ministry.

Through Good Leaders, Good Shepherds, priests can minimize the frustration and energy that they spend on their administrative roles, and instead, maximize the joy and time spent on the pastoral duties for which they were uniquely ordained. Ultimately, the impact of this formation is more holy, healthy, and happy shepherds of vibrant parish communities, leading more people to a deeper relationship with Christ. Good Leaders, Good Shepherds is designed just for priests, so each learning module includes ample time for prayer, liturgy, and building priestly fraternity. All sessions are highly interactive, pastoral, and relevant to the vocation of priestly life and day-to-day pastoring. Using priest/parish-based examples, and the best of our Catholic tradition, the curriculum provides the skills and practices that will allow a priest to be a happy, holy, and healthy shepherd in any leadership circumstance

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