Wearing Your Faith on Your Sleeve

Faithful Fashion

Dear Friends,

A key part of Catholic Leadership Institute’s accompaniment of parishes in in our Next Generation Parish endeavor is envisioning and developing a priority plan based on real data, our Disciple Maker Index, site visits, and parishioner input.

Next Generation Parish participants Holy Family and St. John the Baptist from the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend had an innovative strategy to announce and remind their congregations about their three priority plan areas!

Read below to check out how they announced their three values in creative “fashion” (literally)!

Next Generation Parish is characterized by data gathering and analysis, vision planning, goal setting, and shared leadership. Within this four-year journey, Envisioning and Implementation Teams of parish volunteers work to create a vision for the future complete with SMART goals and milestones and then catalyze that plan into action.

One of the key elements of a Next Generation Parish is shared leadership. But this can’t stop simply at the Envisioning and Implementation Teams. There has to be a level of awareness and ownership throughout the parish. This is made possible by pastors and leaders who not only embrace the planning but communicate the vision, values, and plan to their community. Fr. Glenn Kohrman and his team at Holy Family and St. John the Baptist in South Bend give us a great example of this.

When they announced their vision and plan in 2021, they introduced the plan at Masses, and then had team members wearing shirts with the parish values on them—Faith, Stewardship, and Integrity—handing out copies of the plan after Mass.

With the pastor and the team celebrating and presenting their vision, values, and plans this openly and visibly, they not only communicate the plan, but invite the whole parish community to be part of the effort to foster a vibrant hope for the Next Generation.

by Chad Peddicord

May 19, 2022

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