Your Feedback About Effective Pastors
(in just two easy steps!)

Dear Friends,

Beginning in May 2021, Catholic Leadership Institute (CLI) has been blessed and honored to host global gatherings of top Catholic thought leaders around the world to share their expertise and knowledge. These symposia have unearthed rich insights for both CLI and the Church universal.

Our first two topics centered on:

  • Metrics for Parish Vitality
  • 21st Century Models for Diocesan Central Administration

On November 30, we will host a third symposium focusing on:

  • Effective Pastoring in the 21st Century

At the heart of CLI’s mission and ministry is our love for priests, particularly helping priests with their own personal leadership growth. As part of that, CLI is studying very effective pastors and will be synthesizing that data during our symposium gathering. To help us with our research, we are working to uncover what shared characteristics or behaviors seem to be present among effective pastors.

Would you be willing to help with this research? I would love to hear your feedback!

Here’s how you can help:

  1. Think about effective pastors you have experienced, or how you envision an effective pastor. What qualities made them so successful? What words would you use to describe them?
  2. CLICK HERE and share those thoughts with me.

Your perspectives will be included in our November 30 gathering. I look forward to sharing the fruits of our symposium with you.

p.s. Please email me by Tuesday, November 22, the Feast Day of St. Cecilia, Patron Saint of Music. Your feedback will be “music” to our ears.

by Mike School

November 03, 2022

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