The Perfect Conditions

“God in His providence offers us the season of Lent each year as a chance to return to Him with all our hearts and in every aspect of our lives.  ”

Pope Francis
Last month marked a first in my life. I discovered I was a member of not just one overpriced gym that I never use, but two! You can reference previous emails to understand how this happened (see “expired license,” and “expired passport”). When I finally went to rectify the situation and cancel the first membership (which you can’t do over the phone), I remembered how excited I was when I joined this gym. Four buildings down from the office, a brand new facility, literally located on a walking/bike trail that goes by my house - all the conditions were finally present for me to realize my fully fitness-ed self. The club manager tried to remind me of the many amenities I would lose. When I responded that I have a hectic travel schedule and four small children, he went for the jugular. “Mr. Cellucci, how much of a priority is your physical fitness?” Dang - and Catholics get a bad rap for guilt! I left discouraged, not only by the extra 30 days I had to pay to get out of my membership, but also because his question, while meant for manipulation, was convicting. Despite so many of the necessary conditions in place, my response was to add more. It made me wonder, where else in my leadership and discipleship am I holding out for conditions to be perfect before I take the next step? What might it be costing me? The Lord already gives me everything and yet how much more do I believe I need in order to move toward Him? The most important condition, especially with the Lord, is a yes, an amen, with “all my heart.” Let’s pray that this Lent we all

by Daniel Cellucci

Mar 12, 2018

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