Catholic Leadership Institute is blessed and honored to be working alongside Bishop James Tamayo of the Diocese of Laredo, TX. The work he and his people are doing is inspiring. This ministry is made possible 100% through your generosity.

Bishop Tamayo's Letter to CLI Donors

Dear Friends,

As the Bishop of the Diocese of Laredo, my role is a great honor and blessing. It also has challenges. We are an incredibly poor diocese financially. We are a diocese of hard workers and laborers.

Yet, while we are poor in resources, we are rich in faith. Faith is abundant, plentiful, and profound. This is a treasured gift to me.

The joy of working with Catholic leadership Institute is that in my Diocese, our faith is the treasure of our life. My people deserve to be discipled, to grow closer to Jesus, and to be equipped to evangelize. But we did not have the finances to seek outside support to do so.

My priests deserve to be given feedback, supported with coaching, and cared for personally, professionally, and spiritually. We cannot afford this.

My parishes deserve to have data, a vision, and teams of volunteers who are trained and ready to act. Never, could we pay for the years of accompaniment needed to build this.

Personally, I am eager to learn, grow, and expand my leadership skills. I am not able to spend my Diocese’s precious resources on this gift for myself.

Yet, today, the Diocese of Laredo and I as a bishop, are in the midst of all of this. How? Because generous donors to Catholic Leadership Institute have made it possible for us to participate in CLI’s programs.

My Diocese is participating in Called For More to care for happier, healthier, and holier priests. We are participating in Next Generation Parish to prepare our parishes for the future and bring my people closer to Christ’s loving embrace. I have been able to attend the Catholic Leadership Institute Bishop Sessions – this was a place of learning and a place of fraternal growth for bishops.

When you give a gift to CLI, know that there are leaders like me who have grown because of you. There are parishes like those in the Diocese of Laredo just waiting for the chance to grow… your gifts end that wait. There are priests longing for growth, feedback, and mentorship like my presbyterate… your gifts meet that longing.

With great gratitude and trust in Our Lord,

Bishop James Tamayo

by Becky Reilley

September 13, 2023

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