Dear Friends,

Today, I have the honor and joy of introducing you to four of the faces you will see in this video of Catholics who believe there is a beautiful future awaiting our Church:

Archbishop Pérez of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia is a “man of hope." He believes in his archdiocese and in the gifts of his people. CLI is honored to walk alongside him and his flock into the future. I have the great joy of witnessing his leadership and experiencing the feeling of hope that is moving like electricity through my home archdiocese.

Next, Fr. Tom Whittingham believes that his parish was destined for more. In this video, you will witness the amazing turnaround he accomplished for his community. Get ready to be inspired!

Lastly, the two little boys in this video are my sons, Murphy and Finn! They believe in the work their mom is doing as a part of CLI. They believe in Jesus. They believe in high fives as you will see in the video... today I offer gratitude and a high five to all of our CLI benefactors for the difference you are making!

I hope you are moved by this video and take great joy in how your belief in our mission can transform, inspire, and bring hope.


As we approach the end of the calendar year, we would be blessed if you showed your belief in CLI’s mission through a gift of any size!

by Becky Reilley

December 21, 2023

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