Crawling to Freedom

““But always think this: do not be afraid of failure. Do not be afraid of falling. In the art of walking, what is important is not avoiding the fall but not remaining fallen.””

Pope Francis
Our youngest child started crawling last week. Instantly, every floor has once again become a minefield. With our first child, I existed in a permanent hunched over position, constantly picking things up that might harm her. One might observe that four children, a decade, and a lot more toys later, my posture now could be considered a little more “relaxed.” A friend who was visiting was shocked as she saw baby Norah making a b-line for a perfect choking hazard as I just sat there and continued to gab. “Can she have that?” my friend asked with concern. “Oh sure,” I responded, remembering I had to pay attention. “I really believe my children need the freedom to explore and make mistakes so they can learn.” I said sheepishly. Effective delegation is my biggest area for growth. What’s the right balance between ensuring the “floor is clear” and throwing someone into the minefield? How do you instill trust and protect against harm? Perhaps it’s not about controlling the environment so our people can be successful, as much as it is accompanying them through whatever environment they face. When it comes to walking with people, I’m still at a crawl, but at least I’m moving. Blessing as you move. P.S. – I wouldn’t recommend my parenting “philosophy.” It may or may not have resulted in a half a bottle of hermit crab food being inadvertently ingested.

by Daniel Cellucci

Jul 03, 2017

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