Our Resolution: Inspire 6 Million Catholics

“CLI fired up in me a belief that I could forge the future.” — Fr. Chris

At Catholic Leadership Institute (CLI), we look boldly into the new year ahead and resolve to: Ignite the Parish, Embolden the Clergy, and Forge the Future.

Forging the future means reimagining parish life by thinking differently.

  • Revitalizing clergy through care and coaching
  • Raising up our laity and empowering their gifts and talents
  • Reinvigorating our Masses and making it feel like Christmas every Sunday
  • Relying on vision, data, and technology to engage and plan for the future

Over the next five years, Catholic Leadership Institute is on a mission to inspire 6 million Catholics, including:

  • 3,600 parishes
  • 4,800 clergy
  • 6 million Catholics

As we approach 2023 with bold vision and unwavering faith, our resolution remains the same: to dedicate our hearts, our ministry, and our love to forging the future of our faith.

Fr. Chris Walsh is doing just that. He is innovative, bold, and inspired by Christ. SCROLL DOWN to read about his Walmart Evangelization and watch a 1-minute video from Fr. Chris.

May your families be blessed in the year ahead. May your parishes be ignited, may your clergy be bold, and may your future be bright.

Hear from a priest who is hard at work forging the future: Fr. Chris Walsh, Pastor of St. Cecilia Parish in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. Fr. Chris is always willing to think differently and dream up new ways to introduce others to Jesus. It is a joy to walk alongside priests like Fr. Chris – your generosity gives more priests, parishes, and lay leaders the tools and confidence to boldly forge the future of our church!

Fr. Chris’ Story – Walmart Evangelization

“Fact is, I owe my confidence to CLI. They started in Philadelphia 31 years ago when I was still in the seminary. CLI fired up in me a belief that I could forge the future.

CLI is a gift that keeps on giving.

With CLI, encouragement is paired with excellence. Because if you’re going to do things, why not do them well? Whether it’s flowers on the altar, making sure the candlesticks match, or my sermons...

I know CLI has made me better at what I do, through shared excellence in their systems, priorities, and purposes. Catholic Leadership Institute sets the bar high, because the work is what matters.

For that reason, they stand out as the very best Catholic apostolate I’ve ever known.

At my previous parish, they inspired us to change the paradigm of parish evangelization, by going out to bring people to faith—rather than wait for them to come to us.

So, we started having our folks stand outside at the crossroads of America—the local Walmart—handing out little information packets about our Church.

Along with a message: We are a place where you can feel comfortable—and welcome.

I take hope in knowing that there are many great priests and lay leaders who want to see their parish get better. But they need help to forge the future and get from here to there.

They’re not looking for perfection, but they don’t want decline and demise either. They’re just thinking: Is there a better way to do this?

Yes, there is—and Catholic Leadership Institute is that way.”

As we welcome in the new year, welcome Jesus into your hearts and make your resolution to be a part of forging the future.

by Chad Peddicord

December 15, 2022

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