Dear Friends,

Frank and Gloria Kalman are Catholic leaders of strong faith. They have a great love for priests, parishes, and the laity. They care deeply about forging a future for the next generation of Catholics, including their daughters and four grandchildren.

That faith, love, and care is matched step-for-step by their action and giving to CLI, and they invite others to join them.

A decade ago, Frank and Gloria first encountered CLI through a wonderful priest and friend, Fr. Sean Horrigan.

Read below about Fr. Sean’s invitation and how we have been blessed by Frank and Gloria’s “yes”– a blessing that has grown with each passing year. Catholic Leadership Institute is deeply grateful for their impact.

Frank and Gloria Kalman: One Priest’s Invitation Impacts Thousands

"Frank and Gloria Kalman have been a blessing to our apostolate. They are smart, generous, genuine, and a model of faith, family, and friendship. More people have been invited to the mission of Catholic Leadership Institute because of the Kalmans. More priests have been supported and loved because of their generosity. Frank and Gloria know and love Christ… more souls love Him alongside them, because they generously step up as leaders in philanthropy and action. They bring a joy to our ministry that reaches people’s hearts. They both hold a special place in my heart." - Dan Cellucci, CEO, Catholic Leadership Institute

Ten Years Ago, Fr. Sean Made an Invitation

In 2013, Fr. Sean Horrigan, a priest in the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston made an invitation - one that would have ripple effects for CLI and for leaders around the country.

Fr. Sean asked Frank and Gloria Kalman if they would host an event for an organization that supported his priestly vocation, cared for him, and provided him with excellent leadership training. That organization was Catholic Leadership Institute.

Graciously, Frank and Gloria said “yes,” and CLI has felt the joy and impact of that “yes” for a decade.

The Kalmans place great value on family. Their own family began when Frank and Gloria met in New York. They married, had two daughters, and eventually four grandchildren. Family always came first, and Frank pursued a successful professional career that eventually landed their family in Houston, TX.

The Kalman family cares greatly about their Catholic family. They are strong proponents of Catholic education, they have great hope in fostering vibrant parishes, and their devotion to priests is immense. Not only do they love their faith, but they also share it.

The Catholic Leadership Institute family is grateful for Frank and Gloria. Not only do the Kalmans support the leaders we serve, they also care about each member of the CLI team, praying for us as we welcome new children into our families, reach ministry milestones, face both challenges and joy in our personal lives, and experience the sacraments within our families.

CLI and the Kalman’s Commitment Grows Through the Years

Though many years have passed since Frank and Gloria’s first “yes,” they have since learned more and supported more of Catholic Leadership Institute’s mission. After Fr. Sean’s invitation, both Frank and Gloria served as volunteer leaders on CLI’s National Advisory Board, shepherding our mission and national ministry. Their dedication and philanthropy grew, inspiring more work and transformation. The Kalmans saw CLI’s offerings grow from Good Leaders, Good Shepherds to the Disciple Maker Index, Next Generation Parish, and the highly sought-after Called for More initiative designed to walk with priests and consult with them in their parish and diocesan duties.

As they continued to share their talents and increase their investment in our mission, the Kalmans began making invitations of their own. On fire with faith and a desire to do good for the Church, they generously opened their homes and their hearts for others to learn more about CLI’s mission.

Sharing our witness and stories of Jesus is the greatest opportunity to share our faith. In particular, Gloria has been an ambassador who zealously shares CLI’s mission. She shares it because she believes in it, and that belief is contagious and inspirational.

Today, a Decade of Leadership & Generosity Inspires

Today, we are absolutely humbled by the impact of the Kalman’s “yes.” Gloria has served for two years on our Board of Directors, guiding our efforts with great discernment, vision, and love. She is a vital member of our Development Committee, securing philanthropy, and sharing fantastic, faith-filled ideas.

That invitation made by one priest has inspired Gloria to be a part of Catholic Leadership Institute’s Called For More Task Force. The Called For More endeavor has supported 2,456 priests across the country in just 5 years.

Frank and Gloria have become leadership donors to CLI's mission, inspiring others to join them. Thanks to their ambassadorship, many donors have said “yes” and generously made major gifts to impact CLI’s seminary work, our areas of greatest need, and a national vision that has the potential to impact an additional 4,800 priests.

As CLI grew with each passing year, Frank and Gloria’s commitment also grew. Priests also grew in their vocations – and parishes grew in vibrancy. In this way, CLI grew in reach and excellence along with our donor base. We are so thankful.

The Years to Come, Imagine…

As we contemplate Frank and Gloria’s “yes,” let us look into our own hearts, listen for God’s call, and pray about where we, too, may be invited to serve our Church. Imagine: where might that “yes” lead you 10 years from today?

by Chad Peddicord

February 27, 2023

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