"You must be a medical device salesperson," I heard a voice say. I looked up from my computer with a confused face. I was at a Panera Bread somewhere in the middle of Pennsylvania where it was quickly approaching 100 degrees outside. A woman was smiling at me. "Your face is so intense. That’s how I used to look when I worked in medical device sales. Whoever’s gettin’ that email – give’em hell!" My bewildered (and apparently intense) face continued as she left. I peered back to the email that I was about to send. I was overheated - both physically and about the email chain to which I was about to add a biting link. While my email was professional, I thought that if a perfect stranger sitting across Panera Bread could pick up on my heat index, how strong might it be coming through my written word? Rather than pressing send, perhaps the better approach would be to let "Christ lead me out from myself" and cool down before responding. I used part of my ride home to call the person instead. Maybe I need a mirror at my desk to make sure I’m reflecting what I truly want to give. Stay cool wherever you are this week, especially if you might be selling medical devices – I hear it’s intense.

by Daniel Cellucci

July 24, 2017

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