In 2019, Catholic Leadership Institute witnessed – in tandem with the needs of our Church – a generous response from Catholic leaders around the country. This response quickly fueled a greater reach and response throughout the Church. That support continued to grow each year because of donors, friends, and participants like all of you.

Today I am sharing a small window into the scope of our ministry from that turning point in 2019 to today. In just four years, we witnessed growth in numbers that exceeded our expectations. One particular piece of data that captured my attention is from the Disciple Maker Index Survey (DMI) participant demographics report. This highlights the impact of our growth to diverse communities:

This year, 5% of our DMI participants completed the surveys in Spanish, with 10% of total survey participants identifying as Hispanic/Latino. In 2019, all DMI responses were in English. This expansion of our offerings in various languages has made our resources more generally accessible. Every voice deserves to be heard, and it's no surprise that our reach has also extended into greater participation in Hispanic/Latino, Black, and Asian communities. This is only one huge win - and one that we expect to grow in coming years.

The numbers themselves tell the story of growth between 2019-2023. I hope you are inspired by them as I am.

Scope of Ministry from 2019-2023

The work of the Church is never done. Therefore, neither is our ministry. This progress only emboldens further our resolve to respond to what the Church is asking of us right now.

Thank you for your support of our ministry. We look forward to partnering with you to further equip leaders and ignite hope.

by Chad Peddicord

June 29, 2023

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