New & Grateful for You

"Behold, I make all things new!" Rev. 21:5

Dear Friends,

What a joy it was for Catholic Leadership Institute to share some special videos about our ministry with you over the last few weeks – below are links to all four (like me, you may want to watch them again or share them with a friend!).

I was touched by the stories and leaders in these videos… and by the many emails we received in response, we can tell that they reached your hearts as well.

Think about this: we shared with you just four stories. Four. Throughout our 30-year history, Catholic Leadership Institute has served over 30,000 leaders. Imagine the stories you have yet to hear, and the ones we may never know about…

Every time you pray for us, every time you give to us, every time you participate in our initiatives, you inspire a new story of leadership, love, and faith.

When I think about a “new year,” I think about serving new dioceses, supporting new shepherds, empowering new lay leaders, dreaming up new ways to support and minister to Catholic leaders, and thinking in new ways for our Church.

Catholic Leadership Institute can think “new” because of you. As we end one year and begin another, it is a time to take an inventory, an inventory of gratitude. Topping my list are the clergy, lay leaders, and philanthropists who believe in our mission and LIVE it. I thank God for you each day of the year.

Wishing you blessings in 2022,


p.s. We look forward to sharing new stories with you in the 365 days ahead. If there is a particular story, insight, lesson, or leader you would like to hear about from Catholic Leadership Institute, reply to this email, and we will joyfully look forward to sharing those!

by Chad Peddicord

Jan 06, 2022