“And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church.”

Matthew 16:18

I have written 230 of these Monday posts since July 10, 2016. Every week I try my best to offer some type of "discerning insight" from my lived experience of life or leadership. Not today. I try to come up with some pithy turn of phrase to make a point or offer some inspiration. Not today. Last week, reflecting on the courageous witness of a 16-year old brain tumor survivor, I posited that "it is the authenticity of our yes to the Lord, especially in our darkest winters" that will compel others to seek faith and I wondered aloud if I could be someone’s hero in Christ as Lily Walker has been for me. But not today. On Friday, my 7-year-old son Peter was diagnosed with a brain tumor and all I can do this Monday is ask for your most earnest prayers. As you read this, a neurosurgeon will be working for hours to remove this tumor and give my son the best chance for a future. I believe that God is real. I believe God is merciful and I believe God does nothing in vain, but that is not my point, not today. Today, I just want God to heal my son. He is a good boy. He always listens to his mom and dad. He says his prayers with great joy. I have known his name since the moment he was conceived and he is my rock. One day I believe I will accept God’s will. One day I hope I will rise to this occasion that I asked for last week. But not today. Today, I just want a miracle and I need you to pray for one. Will you do that? Because I am not ready for this, not today.

A Message from Bill Orosz, Chairman, Catholic Leadership Institute Board of Directors:

Like me, I hope that you will respond to Dan’s call for prayers for Peter - his "rock." The CLI team would invite you to join with us in any way you feel comfortable or compelled.

We will be gathering each day at 2:45 pm for our online Daily Prayer with renewed vigor for Peter and his family, and many others for whom we pray each day. We’ve also begun the St. Peregrine novena for Peter and invite you to join us at any point. Finally, there is a CaringBridge site for Peter and the Cellucci's set up. Please visit the site for updates on Peter's healing and to share your words of support with the Cellucci Family.

In these times where faith is tested, we seek solace and find strength in our robust Church community, united in hope and our trust in God’s will. With Dan’s leadership, Catholic Leadership Institute will continue to serve our many partners across the country as they inspire communities of faith with their ministry. While the challenges of 2020 continue, they only advance CLI’s mission to serve our Lord and his Church.

God bless,

Bill Orosz

CLI 2:45pm ET Virtual Prayer

by Daniel Cellucci

December 14, 2020

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