“Jesus’ love goes before us, his look anticipates our needs. He can see beyond appearances, beyond sin, beyond failures and unworthiness…He sees beyond this, to our dignity as sons and daughters, a dignity at times sullied by sin, but one which endures in the depth of our soul. He came precisely to seek out all those who feel unworthy of God, unworthy of others.”

Pope Francis

I had the honor to be the best man at my younger brother’s wedding this weekend. We are four years apart in age and worlds apart in demeanor. He’s extremely quiet and I am anything but. Growing up, this was actually very convenient for me. I would talk. Andrew would listen, and most importantly not disagree. I would tell a joke. He would laugh. I would come up with a game. He would play it. As we got older and our schedules changed, I didn’t know a lot about his life nor was I paying much attention. But every so often, I would have these strange encounters with others that would give me this different glimpse of Andrew Cellucci. I remember picking him up at a friend’s house and the mother saying, "Your brother is a riot!" I looked around to see if there was someone else on her front doorstep to whom she was speaking. Parents of the CYO basketball kids he coached would say what a wonderful role model he was. Who? Andrew?

Then came Kacy. Not only did my older sister like Kacy (which in and of itself is miraculous), but with every interaction, I liked her more too. I was impressed at how she loves the children she coaches and teaches. Then I thought, Andrew also pours so much into the kids he coaches, and it’s not even his job. I appreciated how much Kacy loves her family. And I thought, Andrew never misses a family gathering. He always shows up for his nieces’ and nephews’ sporting events. As I was introduced to Kacy, I was introduced to the best parts of Andrew.

In my best man toast, I thanked my new sister-in-law for giving me that gift and suggested that that always be their most important goal in marriage: to bring out the best in each other. As I watched them enjoy the dancefloor with their friends, it struck me that what I appreciated about Andrew and Kacy is really our universal mission as Christians. To bring out Christ in each other. We believe He’s in there. Do we search for Him in all those we encounter? Does our witness make their witness brighter? Let’s raise a glass, but more importantly our eyes, to searching for the dignity and potential that God has put in each of us.

by Daniel Cellucci

June 28, 2021

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